USAFA chances


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Dec 26, 2017
Hi, I recently received a nomination from my congressional district and am waiting to hear back from DoDMERB. I would like to know my chances of getting into USAFA. The main thing I am worried about is my SAT score(1220). The rest of my application is okay with my gpa as a 4.0 with four AP classes. My fitness assessment was as follows (and I am a female):
Basketball throw: 45'
Pull up: 1
Shuttle run: 9.3 sec
sit ups: 68
push ups: 27
1 mile: 7:11
I am a captain in varsity soccer and varsity basketball. I am a member of National Honor Society and have many volunteer hours. I feel the main thing that is lacking in my application is the SAT. Let me know your thoughts and if I would still have a chance at the academy. If I do not receive an appointment I am planning on doing AFROTC and applying again next year.
Your Sit up and Push up is low. You need to work on that and see if you have time to retake the CFA. Yes your SAT score is a little low for some of the others I have seen in this forum. Did you take ACT?
Yes, I did take ACT and got a 25. From what I’ve seen, the minimum is 27, so I should definitely see if I am able to retake it.
Yes both your ACT and SAT is lower than others. try to improve on that. Also keep in mind plan B or C
The average for push-ups is 41 for females; I'd definitely plan on retaking it and working hard on getting those reps up. Try to do 100 push-ups every day for two weeks - even if you have to do it in sets of 5 or 10, it'll build the right muscles. The standardized testing is problematic. What were your subject scores on both tests?

I don't think USAFA accepts tests taken after the December dates. I would do a test prep program or study guide for both, and you'll have ample time to really bump those up if you don't get appointed this year. Try Khan Academy for the SAT, they'll personalize a study plan for you. Good luck!
Even if you are not able to secure an appointment this year, you look like a great candidate for either the Prep School or a Falcon Scholarship, both of which will really help your chances for an appointment the next year.
Try to raise that score. A 29 on the ACT is a good bet to get in, don't know the SAT equivalent. Also, your fitness is a little lacking. Mostly pushups and sit ups. You may be in shape, but they're testing the areas they will test when you get there. Other than that, this is a solid application. Retake those tests, and hopefully your DoDMERB checks out. Best of luck, hopefully you make it into the the class of 2022!
Greetings All - Thoughts please...
DS is a second time applicant - He just completed Semester 1 at University and made 4.0 including Calculus I, Stats, Meteorology, etc. - He currently is on a Type 7 AFROTC scholarship and has earned many high honors in 1st Sem. as a cadet. He also upped his ACT to a 32 (from a 30) and from high school, earned a 4.73, was ranked #5 of 285, 4-year varsity letter-winner in soccer, student body president, NHS, Key Club, etc. Also, great scores on AF fitness test. What do you think? 2nd time a charm???