USAFA "Home of Record" significance?

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by rkv, Apr 17, 2016.

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    We are living temporarily in another country. My DS raised this with his ALO while completing applications and the ALO recommended using current actual address rather than our home address when he filled out his applications. The ALO maintained that you do not know what your parents will be doing in the future. Although, most of his personal possessions are actually at our home address. However, he now sees that they want to use that temporary address as his "Home of Record".

    The portal does not allow him to change this but provides a contact number for him to call. His first contact with the USAFA was from our home address. From these forums I have gleaned that "Home of Record" is used for original I-Day travel reimbursement purposes and potentially for a move to first duty post after the Academy. Is it used in any other way either during his time at the USAFA or subsequently in the USAF? Thanks.
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    I recommend following the ALO's advice. Your DS will be able to edit as necessary when he is at USAFA. He will be fully briefed on what he needs to do once he is settled. Regarding use subsequent to time at USAFA, our DS made some online purchases which were back-ordered. The items were sent to USAFA after DS graduated last May. The mail room used his HOR to forward the items to our home. I hope that helped. Best wishes.
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    Your home of record is also used for state income tax purposes. If your HOR is Texas, no state taxes. If AZ or CA, you will pay.
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    My parents are FL residents (no tax), but we're currently stationed in a state that taxes. I put my home of record as the state where we're stationed because that is how they're going to calculate my initial transportation reimbursement to the academy. That being said, I am a FL resident like my parents, and don't want to be taxed by the state where we're currently stationed. I hope finance doesn't give me a hard time, any thoughts?

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