USAFA Prep School Class of 2019


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Oct 19, 2017
Has anyone received their Prep School Acceptance yet? DS received his on 13-Jan-2018 and Accepted. :) I know he would like to know whom will be joining him... in his new lifelong brotherhood/sisterhood of friends
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Congrats! DS recieved his on 20 Feb -- he's undecided -- USMA threw us a curveball and offered him an appointment. Now he has to make a decision. I'm trying not to be too biased...
good luck with not being biased! LOL
Appointment guaranteed IN - Does he think would he benefit from an extra year of Prep? I was worried my kid would actually get in when he got his NOM. My DS definitely would benefit from the Prep. Since accepting his Appointment to Prep he keeps running into USAFA Graduates that just happened to have also been a Preppie. He is super excited fingers crossed our kiddos will be classmates
You're right! It's been extremely hard not to be biased especially since I've been deployed with the Army a few times over my 23 years of AF service. My advice to him so far has been to envision where he wants to be 6 years from now. USMA and USAFA are both great schools--but you're not going to be a fighter pilot graduating out of WP! Heck I'm a Preppie--it was the best thing for me. That extra year seems so long as a HS senior--but it is miniscule over a 20+ career. Actually its a bonus, because the year counts as a year in service, so even though you have the same rank date as all your future USAFA classmates-you have an extra year in service, so your pay raises are a year earlier than the classmates who did not go to prep school. That's cool--but the network of friends you develop at the pschool--really helps out when you get to USAFA, we had a tight bond to rely on when we needed inspiration, focus, academic help--prep school for me was incredibly helpful in my graduating from AFA. Congrats to your son! Fingers crossed that we meet during PSchool Parents' Weekend!