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May 1, 2008
I recently been offered an appointment to the Prep School and have since accepted that offer. I just had a question about reporting day for the Prep School because I haven't gotten all the info. I was just wondering if anyone has gotten their package with all the forms or has had any luck with the website?
My son accepted his Prep School offer in mid-March and also has not yet received the info packet. We were thinking that now that May is here it should hopefully be arriving soon. Has anyone who has already accepted received the "kit of information and forms directly from the Prep School" referred to in the acceptance letter?
A friend told us that the web site has been down and they are trying to get it up for all the prep info, and that all the materials have to be approved and should be coming out mid may. We want to plan for parents day, but are reluctant to book air until we recieve all packet.
Even if you haven't gotten the airfare make sure you book your hotel WAY in advance. Parents' weekend (if that is what you are talking about) is going to be very full since it is also the Academy parents' weekend.

CC - not sure what you want to know. I know that I was notified that our (prior e) report no later than date is July 16 and so I think that would be the same for ya'll.
Hey, I've got a question. Do enlisted airmen have a better chance of being accepted to the Academy or Prep School than civilians? What kind of odds do they compete against?
well yes i would statistically, they have a better chance because they're being pulled from a much smaller pool of candidates than civilians.
I would have to agree with cadet candidate although there is another reason.

The smaller pool he is talking about are the slots reserved for active duty and reserve airman, which in turn are smaller pools. Historically the spots have a hard time getting filled so as long as you can get your commander to sign off on the LEAD program and you aren't a total dirtbag you can get in.

The other big factor is that we priors can apply directly to the Prep school and even if we apply to the academy we are automatically considered for the prep school if we don't make it. There are 50 slots reserved for prior active in the prep school and I think the same number for reserve. Even with the extra year that is a huge boost for successful entry into the academy. I remember reading somewhere that the acceptance rate is almost 95% for priors out of the prep school, although a lot do quit while attending because they decide to pursue alternate methods of commissioning.
I can't believe that they would quit the prep-school, right now I'd give my left testicle to be there.
So you say, but there are other things that are involved. Like me - I actually am already a junior in any other college, but by choosing to go the academy I will be starting all over. For some that is too much - especially after seeing up close what they will have to put up with for four more years - just to get to be a 2nd LT. If you really do want to get to the academy, going enlisted may help - actually few know this but you can apply while still in tech school or even basic training (I would recommend waiting until at least tech).