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    I am the current Communication Chair for the Southeast Texas AFA Parents Association - SETXAFAPA - We cover the Houston area, down toward Galveston, Northwest including Brenham and College Station, East of Houston and Northeast toward Conroe, Huntsville, and points in between.
    If you have a Cadet in these areas you are welcome to come to our quarterly meetings and meet some of the best parents in the world!

    I have a son, class of 2015 at USAFA - Cadet Lonnie Armstrong, he will be in Squad 30, currently in 28. Resides in Sijan Hall - I live in Brenham, Texas.

    Feel free to drop me a line if you would like to converse about myself, my cadet or SETXAFAPA events.
    Diane Armstrong:thumb:
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    Hope the "SEXY" Parents Association is doing well. My mother enjoyed it (as well as me during the Winter balls) during my time as a cadet. :)

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