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    my son has an interview with a senator in a couple of days for the AF only. They only interview for one service, there is no ranking - meaning you can only interview for one academy. He has an LOA from Naval Academy. He asked me if I thought he should bring up the LOA from Navy.

    My thought was to not bring it up unless they ask. My reason is they may fear an AF Nom might be a waste if he has an LOA from Navy. Yes, I know an LOA is no guarantee.

    He already interviewed with the other senator and listed that interview for a Navy Nom. It went very well.

    For congress, he has listed in order Navy, AF then MA.

    Would bringing up the Navy LOA help or hurt his chances of an AF nomination?
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    Honestly, it may not affect much at all. Because many congressmen and senators communicate with each other, the senator he already interviewed with might communicate with your DS's congressman that he put Navy as his first choice and has an LOA. If your DS told this to his senator, there is a high chance of him getting a Nom from that senator. That senator will then tell your DS's congressman that he is already getting a nomination with an LOA. If this happens, the congressman most likely won't give a nom to your DS.
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    They may already know about the LOA. The MOC committees interviewing my DD mentioned her USNA LOA.

    I honestly don't think it will hurt his chances with AF if your DS mentions it during the interview. In fact, when my DD brought it up, the other committee members asked if she's be interested in the other services as well (AF was her top choice). I can't read all committee members' minds, but I do know someone who used to sit on a committee. He said that an Academic LOA made them sit up and notice.
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    I do not think that it will affect the Nom at all. They, all the academies, are fishing out of the same barrel. Someone qualified for one is usually qualified for others based on the fact that most applicants have outstanding applications with outstanding academics, extras, comm service, etc. As a previous post noted, the LOA from one could make the committee realize that you are already in this smaller qualified group and could "go"! Horse trading on the various slates, available slots, can make the matter interesting with Sen. and Rep.
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    It does and doesn't matter. If the nomation committee takes an approach of nominating based on the candidate's request and qualification, an LOA from Navy doesn't matter. It sounds like your DS is well qualified. However, if the nomination committee takes another other approaches - only one nomination, why deny another candidate of an AF nomination by giving another candidate with a Navy LOA, more than likely a Navy nomination, an AF nomination.

    Your DS could second guess himself multiple times, but unless your or DS knows what the nomination committee is thinking, your guess is good as anyone else's guess.
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