USAFA waiver


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Mar 6, 2008
I applied to both the usma and the usafa. usma offered me an LOA while usafa i'm still waiting to hear from. I sent in my waiver request in mid february for asthma to the usafa. I have not heard anything from them since. I called my rep and she pretty much said to be patient and sit tight.
On my dodmerb site, it says the status is "pending waiver submission/request" Does that mean they are requesting the waiver? Is it that they didn't contact me because my remedial results for usma were already posted at the time of the request and they are waiting for the waiver authorities to give a final word? Or simply they haven't made a decision yet?

I sent in my letter for the USAFA waiver back in November. I didn't hear a single word about it until I finally called at the end of February. If the admissions counselor said the sit tight, then that is probably all you can do.