af802990- are you wanting to apply for class of 2021 or 2022? If class of 2021, you might be too late to seek a nomination for this years class. Check with your local MOC's. I know where we live, one senator's nomination closed mid October, with the other senator and MOC beginning to mid November. If you are currently a junior looking at the class of 2022, then I think most senators & MOC's start accepting applications for nominations sometime in May/June of 2017. Again check with your local senators & MOC offices for their dates.
Come on now... that's a very vague question.

If you're smart enough to attend an Academy, you're smart enough to lookup your congressman and senator's website to see when you are supposed to submit anapplication.

I assume you're from Kentucky, so a quick check told me:

The application deadline is November 1, for those students who are in their senior year of high school. Should you have any questions, please contact my Academy Services Coordinator at (202) 224-2541. I look forward to hearing from you.

It varies by state but the info is out there.