USCG Cutter Eagle announces 2013 sailing schedule

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    NEW LONDON, Conn. — The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Eagle's 2013 sailing schedule has been released.

    In March 2013, Eagle will depart New London, Conn., and the spring officer candidate class will sail to Savannah, Ga. While in Savannah, the officer candidates will have the opportunity to represent the Coast Guard in the annual St. Patrick's Day parade.

    The annual cadet summer training deployment will depart New London on May 11, 2013, and head to the Caribbean. Riding the trade winds, Eagle will visit Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and Aruba before turning north. The third class cadets will phase change in St. Petersburg, Fla., in mid-June. Eagle will then round the tip of Florida and turn northeast. Following a portcall in Bermuda, Eagle will visit St. Pierre, a French island off the coast of Newfoundland. Sailing southwest, Eagle will then transit along the coast to Halifax, Canada, and Boston throughout July. In Boston, the third class cadets and their first class cadet division officers will depart and the new swabs and their second class cadre will join the crew.

    Official USCG photo

    Built at the Blohm + Voss Shipyard in Hamburg, Germany, in 1936 and commissioned as Horst Wessel, Eagle is one of three sail-training ships operated by the pre-World War II German navy. At the close of the war, the ship was taken as a war reparation by the U.S., re-commissioned as the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Eagle and sailed to New London, Conn., which has been its homeport ever since. Eagle has offered generations of U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadets, and more recently officer candidates, an unparalleled leadership experience at sea, teaching them practical seamanship skills while indoctrinating them in the Coast Guard's afloat leadership laboratory.

    Port calls for Eagle:

    8-24 March Spring OCS Deployment
    15-18 March Savannah, Ga. Portcall
    11 May-27 July 3/c Cadet Deployment
    24-27 May Tortola, British Virgin Islands Portcall
    31 May-3 June Aruba Portcall
    7-8 June Guantanamo Bay Portcall
    14-17 June
    St. Petersburg, Fla. Portcall
    28 June-1 July Bermuda Portcall
    11 July-14 July St. Pierre, France Portcall
    19 July-22 July Halifax, Canada Portcall
    26 July-29 July Boston Portcall

    27 July-16 August 4/c Cadet Deployment (Portcalls TBD)
    September Fall OCS Deployment (Portcall TBD)
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    Half of the 1/c division officer positions should be rotating as well, or so we've been told so far. Half of the positions on Eagle will be 11 weeks long, while the other half will be split amongst the 2 phases. This is so that those interested in internships and Eagle can do both.

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