USCG in the OSS


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Nov 25, 2007
The US Coast Guard is a pretty tight community. With an officer corps making up 3% of the total US Armed Force officers, it is not surprising to run into many people you know throughout your career. It is also easier to be familiar with various parts of the service. Even our history is known widely, if only for fellow Coasties. Ask any Coastie about SM1 Douglas Munro, and you will hear many of the same stories.

There are parts of our histories that are even foreign to Coasties; stories almost lost forever.

During WWII, an organization called the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was created. There were branches of the OSS, some would be the basis for the CIA, while another would become the foundation for the Special Forces. The OSS, under General Donovan, liaised with British intel. They operated with a budget that was known, however, how that budget was used is very much a mystery. The OSS operated in the shadows. They destroyed railroads and industrial complexes behind enemy lines. What has not been discussed is the Coast Guard's involvement in the OSS. Coasties were some of the original frogmen, a group that would later become the Navy SEALs.

WWII veterans are a vanishing group, but work is being down to record oral histories of the Coasties who were part of the OSS.

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