USCGA EA1 - Conditional Appointment

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by proudcoastiemom, Jan 22, 2014.

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    Good evening everyone! My name is Carole and I'm from NC. My DD was offered a conditional appointment on 11/22/13 to the USCGA . We are waiting to hear from the WA on any news for her Strabismus Esotropia (lazy eye) which is corrected with glasses/contacts. She did go for an annual exam this Monday and I faxed the Drs note & glasses rx to DODMERB & Bill Anderson @ USCGA. If anyone has advice to offer on how to get the waiver process moved along - we sure would appreciate it.
    Oh and my DS is active duty USCG and attending EM A school in Yorktown. Hence the user name .... Proudcoastiemom!
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    USCGA Conditional Appt.

    Congrats on the Appt. You might also want to post question on DODMERB site.

    Sculler Dad

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