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Oct 11, 2008
Yes I know you need "Ivy League" type grades to get in an all so please don't **** on me saying "You won't get in.Thanks...
Anyways, I'm looking prodominently into either of these 2 academies but will apply to thye other 3 as well. I'm just wondeirng if someone can tell me how life is from Day 1 to Graduation?I try looking at the official sites but they sugarcoat it, I'm trying to get some research in.Thanks
You want to know how life "really" is? Well, I'm only halfway through my first semester so I can only tell you how things are from Day 1 to now.

The truth? It sucks but it's great. The Academy experience is (so I'm told) designed to overwhelm you and teach you to deal with failure (and you will fail many, many times). You may find yourself hating your life, however briefly. However, the things you are able to experience, such as sailing on EAGLE, and the life-long friendships I've already made will make such things well worth it. Any specific questions?
BTW lose the "colorful language" thank you.

You don't need "Ivy League" grades to get into a SA. Other things are more important. Just sayin':confused:
You need to know as does ZO that things get day I called my son's cell around 6pm.

"Sorry Dad I'm busy." Ok I'm thinking he's got homework to do.

"That's ok Steve, what subject you working on?"

"Uh, I'm playing golf."

"Oh...carry on, sir." :thumb:
Avoid golf at Goose Run. Cheap golf is nice, but there is goose crap (is that where the name comes from) all over the course and it's right next to a firing range.

For your first 2-3 years you will hate going back to the Coast Guard Academy after each break, get a sick feeling in your stomach when you hit Gold Star Bridge or see the front gate, however, at some time that will change and you will look forward to seeing your friends.

I'm not going to lie to you, the place can be very stressful and at some points you will absolutely hate the place...and then at some time it will become home, or at least home away from home.
Other 1/c benefits:

Watching Monday Night football over a beer with friends at the O Club

Owning, driving and parking your sweet ride bought with a low-interest loan that you don't have to start paying back until you graduate at which time you have $0 in student loan debt and a guaranteed job in such cool spots as Key West, San Diego, Guam, Kodiak, Seattle or Boston.

Total leadership and ownership of the joint. :thumb:
Unfortunately last night Steve was working on a 15-page paper for MarHist and thankfully didn't have to watch that embarassing Giants performance. :unhappy:
There are plenty of "not cool" places to be stationed too.

And of course I would add to the "having a beer"; "being of legal age to consume an alcoholic beverage with legal aged friends."
True true; as far as part II that goes without saying...most 1c's have hit the 21 mark for sure but the rest can wait their turn.:smile: