USCGA Superintendant to visit MMI


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Jan 28, 2008
"MMI will host special guest Rear Admiral J. Scott Burhoe, Superintendent, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, on January 29. While on campus he will visit with key faculty & staff, dine with Coast Guard Academy candidates, and address the Corps of Cadets. The Cadet Pass in Review at 3:15 p.m. will be in his honor, with the Spring Cresting Ceremony to follow."

This is posted on Marion Military Institute's web site. Cool stuff! My D, a USCGA Prep Scholar at MMI is super psyched about his visit. She says it is a first - an Academy Superintendant visiting MMI.
I have had the opportunity to hear Rear Admiral Burhoe speak on three occasions, and I can say with confidence that he is an excellent speaker who never loses my attention. That's very cool that he's visiting MMI, congrats to your D.
The admiral is also supposed to be a very genuine, personable guy. I've heard great things about him from people who have worked for him.
I agree...he is a great guy...takes the time to get out to many sports events, has the cadets in to his house and keeps in touch with the should be a good time at the school.
That could be my son's first assignment...he kind of changed his mind about his first choice. We'll see in a month!
it's kind of interesting to watch the politics that are accompanying the 1/c submitting their choices for their first tour. it's a really exciting time here right now and everyone here seems to be in really good spirits (though us 4/c are getting destroyed this week for various reasons I won't bore you with), and I only expect morale to get higher and higher as graduation approaches... 112 more days!
As billet night approaches, it only gets more and more exciting. And then there's transfer season, with can be somewhat exciting when you're trying to figure out who's going where.
I cant wait till Im at the academy. Its going to be a life changing experience. C/o 2013 here I come, and good luck to all the fourth class right now.