USMA Admission


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Mar 26, 2017
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew when admissions will be sending out the bulk of their application thus forth?
Admissions doesn't send out applications. Can you clarify your question?
Hi, if you mean the bulk of appointments being sent out, then NONE of us know. I'm assuming since the deadline for medical waivers is April 15th the bulk of appointments will be somewhere after that date.
I have been told by a reputable source that the 150 alternates from the NWL have already been chosen, the USMAPS selections have already been made. If you haven't received an appointment yet, like myself, then the chances are very slim. I believe right now, you must wait for district winners to decline/not become medically qualified.
DS went to get tux altered for prom and ran into another candidate he knows in our district. He told DS he had called Admissions Office on April 8th and was told approximately 50% of appointments for 2021 class have been made.
I'm assuming most of that 50% is reapplicants, enlisted, prep, and slate winners. So there's about 550 spots available?
There's a thread from a week or two ago that said something like 680 people had accepted appointment. It stands to reason far more people had been offered an appointment than had accepted already.