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Sep 24, 2017
Hi, I am currently a junior in South Carolina and I hope to attend West Point. I live in a generally NON competitive district (if this means anything), but I have a friend from another high school in my district there now. Can anyone give me tips/advice to improve my chances? Thanks.
GPA: 4.2 weighted, 3.4 unweighted
Class Rank: 76/362 (I know it's low, but my sophomore year was pretty bad)
I will be applying for (and should attend) Palmetto Boys State next summer, as well as Junior Leadership for my County
National Honor Society (should be President or Vice President next year)
Cross Country (Varsity letter)
NJROTC (should be 3rd in command next year, currently Bravo Senior Chief)
Orienteering/Raider Team
Taking ACT in December (plan on/expecting a 29-31)
I am currently taking 4 APs with all A's, and plan on taking 4-5 APs next year to help improve my GPA/class rank and admissions chances
I have been in touch with the admissions officer for my area for around a year now
I recommend you don't use your real name in your handle. Remain anonymous and protect your identity!

If you are fortunate enough to become a plebe someday, do you REALLY want your cadre knowing your history?
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Looks good but as you will see everyone looks good... my humble opinion. It's a looonggg process don't get frustrated and get whatever needs to get done as soon as you are told
You should stop thinking about "competitive" districts before you go any further. People may make statements or look at historical data but that is all water under the bridge. No one knows who is applying this year and it only takes one other person in a district to make it really competitive.

Look to expand your leadership activities this year as you will be competing against other individuals who have strong backgrounds.
So you've got 8 or 9 AP classes, 1 Varsity letter, some good leadership, and some volunteer hours. What can you do to improve your package?
At this point as a Junior, while you might be able to add some leadership positions (XC team captain, perhaps? or join student council or another service club), additional volunteer work, or even a part-time job, by far the biggest component within your control is your academic score. Study for the ACT/SAT and be prepared to take each multiple times if needed. Improving your test scores can only help. And do well in your AP classes. Bumping up your gpa/class rank coupled with excellent ACT/SAT, since the academic component is 60% of your score, will likely help you the most in improving your application. And you'll need to pass the CFA, so keep up your running. You're on. a strong path so keep pushing forward. Good luck!