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    How does the content of the standard USMA calculus sequence compare to similar sequences at civilian colleges?
    • Are the differences semantic since USMA Calculus II includes Multi-variable Calculus?
    • Does including Math Modeling mean that other topics are excluded or covered in less depth or does USMA pack more into 3 semesters of math than civilian colleges?
    • Is USMA math more applied and less theoretical?
    • Pros/Cons?
    USMA: MA 103 Math Modeling/Intro to Calculus; MA 104 Calculus I; MA 205 Calculus II

    Typical Civilian College: Calculus I; Calculus II; Multi-variable Calculus
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    I'm currently taking MA153 but from what I hear from my buddies, MA103 doesn't even seem like actual math.

    If you plan taking MA153 (intro to Diff Eq), there's lot of tech labs (mathematica). That being said, its a lot more applied to models in the real world.

    Cons: techlabs and pretty hard, very fast paced (lots of topics covered), Thayer Method is very hard to implement.

    Calc II is put into one class with Calc I. That is one course. Multi is a course on its own (MA255). To be honest, I think I prefer civilian college calculus more.
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