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    Hi all,

    I am an rotc senior who is attending a 2 day conference at Westpoint. I am just wondering a couple of things before i go.
    First off where will i stay, i know i am staying in the barracks but will i be with a fellow cadet, or in my own room.

    Also i want to show proper respect to fellow cadets, who should be saulted, greeted, etc. I dont want to make a mistake.

    Any help would be great, otherwise ill be saluting everything that moves and that will probally freakout some freshman.
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    1. In the barracks, with a cadet. Not sure what class. I know we hosted a rotc guy last year when I was a plebe (Freshman), and I know firsties (seniors) who hosted.

    2. Only salute real officers. I would greet everyone just to be polite, but no one expects you to cup your hands and give the beat of the week...
    You probably will be saluted by cadets who don't recognize your uniform and think you are an officer. Just say, "Hey, I'm just a rotc cadet" and move along

    3. most people around here are relaxed, just like the guys you go to school with. Don't worry about trying to impress anyone. We are all jealous of you because you get to go to a real school.


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