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Where should I ask to schedule the interview

  1. My home

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  2. His home

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  3. Local coffeeshop (Starbucks)

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  1. phant776

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    Jun 20, 2013
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    I was emailed by an alumni of USMA to schedule an interview for admissions.

    He offered me three choices;

    to be interviewed at my home.

    to be interviewed at his home.

    to be interviewed at a local coffee shop.

    He lives within 10 minutes of me. I was wondering if I could get input about where to schedule the interview. I feel most comfortable with an interview at my own home. Are there any reasons why I should choose the other interview choices that I might be over looking?

    Also are there any tips for how the interview? It will most likely be done in my own home. Thank you for any tips for advice. I want to maximize my chances of impressing him.
  2. WestPoint2017

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    Nov 5, 2012
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    A home interview is perfect, thats what USNA does a lot of the time for BGO interviews. My USMA interview was in a public place, but the place does not matter. The interview is to find out what your motivations are, why you want to be an officer in the Army, why WP versus ROTC or OCS, what leadership means to you, certain items that you have included on your file, etc. Dress up with slacks, button down and tie (business casual). I do not think business formal is necessary since it is at your house, but if others want chime in feel free. Don't be nervous, just relax and everything will work out. Hope this helps!

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