USMA Summer CFT?

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    Hello everyone,
    I am an upcoming third-year Army ROTC cadet and I was given the opportunity to attend Cadet Field Training at West Point this July. The information I could find online about this training was fairly limited. And as an ROTC cadet, I'm not too familiar with West Point policies and procedures. So if anyone has attended this training, could you give me an outline of what it's based on and what to expect? Thanks!
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    My experience is probably too dated to give specifics, but if you google West Point CFT, there is some info and YouTube videos. Expect to get an introduction to field operations of various branches, small unit infantry tactics, and a healthy dose of land navigation. There is no longer Armor training at FT Knox since the Armor School moved to Ft. Benning. Cadre will be Firsties and Cows (Seniors and Juniors), but most military training will be conducted by regular army NCO's.

    Here is a link to an article written by an ROTC Cadet about USMA CFT: