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    I have been blessed to have a pretty awesome problem. I received an appointment to USMA in January, and I got a LOA in August. I applied to USAFA and liked it a lot but a lot later than West Point. My congresswoman called me last week and told me that USAFA wants to give me an appointment, but they want to know where I stand because they knew I got into West Point already. It seems like to me that USAFA asked them to change their slate for moe, because originally I did not receive an appointment to USAFA, and my district's nominations have been decided for at least 4months now. I have to tell them my decision tommorow, and I'm still undecided. I want to do international relations after. Does anyone know about Foreign Area officers in the army. Also, which academy is more chill/less hoohah because I am pretty laid back(but motivated). I also posted this in the USAFA forum to get both sides.
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    ......then join the Chair Force

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    Concur. I spent nearly 2 years of my life living and working with the USAF as a Marine. USAF is the 'most chill' organization. But don't mistake that for being lax in professionalism, knowledge or commitment. The USAF is sort of know as the 'business branch' of all the services. Either SA will require a deep commitment and hard work. If you don't like dirt or camping then USMA will not be a lot of fun. At USAFA Jack's Valley might be the only time you see the 'field' while in the USAF. Also what do you want to doin service? That should be the #1 item to consider.

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