Should I be doubtful that I will be accepted into the SLE if I have not received any emails?
I've been saying this to other people too. It all depends on when you applied. They have rolling admissions. If you applied early, chances are you'll get it soon. Even if you did and you haven't gotten anything back yet, it's probably because you're slightly less competitive than others, but they are waiting a bit to see if they can take you (it would suck if they accepted you, filling up a spot, when someone with a 4.0 GPA 1600 SAT world class athlete applies and then doesn't get in).

Long story short, you still have a big chance, as minx said, the deadline isn't until March 31st; they have rolling admissions so if you apply on the last day, you're less likely to get in, but sooner or later, you'll hear back from them. Hang in there, I know its insufferable.