USMAPS Possibilities for DS?

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    I’m looking for some info regarding the possibility of USMAPS for my DS. My older DS is a USMA Grad class of 2017 and was a recruited athlete (he did not attend USMAPS), younger DS is not recruited athlete but would play Club Hockey if offered admission to WP. He is a 3 year varsity player and plays U18AAA travel hockey but isn’t attracting offers for D1 so I think it will be Club Hockey in College.
    Even though I know just about everything there is to know about WP, I thought the USMAPS was 100% for recruited athletes and prior service enlisted soldiers. I see from another thread that there are slots for non-recruited students, so I’d like to see if my DS might fit the profile? I don’t believe he has any chance of receiving an appointment to USMA given his test scores.

    GPA 3.86 AP English, AP Economics, AP History
    ACT 27 (35 English, 26 Math, 24 Science, 23 Reading)
    SAT 1230 (620 Math, 610 Verbal)
    Boys State Attendee
    Student Leadership Council
    Volunteers weekly helping disabled kids play hockey by pushing their sleds
    Travel hockey Captain
    Passed CFA
    Passed DODMERB

    Applying for AROTC Scholarship

    Would it help if he let the Field Force Representative know he has interest in USMAPS?

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