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    My Understanding is that USMAPS is designed to bring applicants who are deficient academically up to USMA admission standards. However, to be considered for USMAPS, you have to apply for admission to USMA first. But USMA won't consider you for admission unless you are academically competitive. My DD has marginal ACT scores and, so far, her portal says "initial evaluation pending". She would benefit from the prep school, but it doesn't look like she will get to the second step of the USMA admission process. She is not a recruited athlete but she is a minority. She will be taking the ACT again in SEP. If she doesn't get to the second step of the USMA application process, is USMAPS a no go as well?
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    Have her e-mail her Regional Admissions team or the minority Admissions person. Ask whether or not her application is going to open. If they say no, then e-mail back and ask them the question about USMAPS. It is my understanding that they have to be qualified in every area except academics, and have a nom, to be offered USMAPS.

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