USMAPS vs ROTC Scholarship


Nov 15, 2016
I received an appointment to USMAPS and I am torn between accepting this appointment or accepting the 4 year AROTC Scholarship to a senior military college that I won. My goal to to commission in the US Army and I'm not sure that the extra year spent at USMAPS would be beneficial seeing that with the SMC I can graduate and commission in four years. Any thoughts?
I've known many prepsters and not one of them regretted going to USMAPS. I've known several USMA grads who said they wish they had gone to USMAPS as it would have made the transition easier for them and they felt they would have been more prepared for USMA. I dont know if this helps with your decision.

My DD faces a similar decision. Choices are nice to have but difficult to make.
USMAPS is the golden ticket with the ball completely in your court if you want to attend USMA. The only way you do not get in next year is if you mess it up.

If you only care to be an Army Officer, then you are waiting an additional year. These are first world problems.