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    My dream school is Kings Point. However, I have been told that my grades will not gain me an acceptance. Thus, I have been looking for second schools. Among those schools is VMI. I wanted to know my chances of getting into Kings Point, as well as VMI. I am a high school Junior. My current GPA is a 3.4. I am in all honors courses excluding math (I'm currently in Pre-Calc). My practice ACT score was a 24 (I'm taking the legitimate test in January along with the SAT). My practice scores for the SAT have yet to be returned, however, I feel as though I scored around an 1850. I am involved in my church's youth group. I am also a Boy Scout finishing up my Eagle Project. I am currently serving as the SPL and have attended both leadership courses (NYLT, and NAYLE). As far as sports go, I am varsity in track and field (Javelin) as well as Diving. I am involved in my high school's Outdoor Adventure Club, dodgeball club, and marching band. I am the assistant captain to our bass drums in the drum line. In addition to my chances of getting an acceptance, I also wanted to know what life is like at both the USMMA, and VMI (starting from matriculation on up to graduation). I have been told they are places full of stress and work, but they are great places to be from none the less. I just want to know if that's true, and what midshipmen and cadets do for fun during the academic year. Thanks!

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