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    Parents - Would you like to have your own recipes served in Delano starting this fall? (seriously!) Delano is fully supportive of using this cookbook! Want to see photos of your DS/DDs in the very first USMMA cookbook? Here's your chance! ALL parents are welcome - 2013s to 2016s. Pick your KP-life favorites and send them to along with your DS/DD's (or your) favorite recipes. Any kind of recipes! The beautiful cookbook will be on sale starting Parents Weekend in September, and we still need lots of recipes. Along with your recipes and photos, we list your name, DS/DD's name, class year and state. It's a beautiful book whose 100% proceeds go half to Band Co and half to Cookie Cafe; hence the entire Regiment. Both causes came up with the idea at the same time, so we are collaborating to make one GREAT product! Important Note: Please try to send high-resolution photos so they will print beautifully. Deadline to submit is August 5th. Send as many as you like, please try to include a photo for each recipe. You may get an idea of what it looks like on the CC home page.
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