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Discussion in 'Merchant Marine Academy - USMMA' started by mom1993, Apr 21, 2011.

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    Apr 21, 2011
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    My son hass been placed in a "hold" status wuth the USMMA and we are waiting for the final word, we have lots of questions...

    If my son does get an appointment this year and attends a private college and maintain his grades and takes courses that will be satisfactory to the USMMA, does anyone know the likelihood of getting an appointment the following year?

    Also how does a candidate receive a nomination to more than 1 Acadmey?

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    Apr 4, 2010
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    Go back to Main Page on this forum and enter the Nominations discussion pages. You will find so much information you will have even more questions! But there is a lot of great information there (but not always accurate so question and double check).
    As to the first question, there is also many threads that seem to indicate the academy likes students with some college. As in last years valedictorian, I have read she had two years coming in. When I started this with DS I went back and read every USMMA thread and most of the posts, in order. I learned a lot and not all the information is linear. It is surprising what tidbit of info you will run across in a random unrelated thread. Kind of like Easter egg hunting (timely). Good luck and best wishes for you kids success in this process. Bring all specific questions you can because there is always somebody who knows the answer or has a better than educated opinion. You will find yourself making friends with some characters.. Also don't be afraid to use the Private Message feature. It truly is appropriate for some specifics. And most here are really willing to play forward the advice and encouragement they have received here. :thumb:

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