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    OK, so I am going out of my mind waiting for DS to catch a nomination for the USMMA. To reduce my anxiety/impatience/stress/etc..., I looked up the following:

    1. USMMA Class of 2017 had 1,823 MOC Nominations
    2. USNA Class of 2017 had 5,103 MOC Nominations
    3. 535 MOCs (435 in the House and 100 in the Senate)

    For the class of 2017, the average MOC nominated 3.4 candidates for USMMA vs 9.54 for USNA.

    When you consider that it is much more likely for Senators to fill a full slate of 10 candidates each per class (since there are going to be more applicants at the state level), the average House MOC looks like they may only nominate 1-2 USMMA candidates on average (though they can each also nominate 10 per class)

    Example: Our House MOC nominated 1 candidate to the USMMA Class of 2016 and 3 candidates for the Class of 2017.

    Anyone game to weigh in on the reasons why? I understand that USMMA is not as well known and that could be some of the difference but that is a huge disparity.

    Full Disclosure: My DS has a LOA to the USMMA, in need of a nom. I am trying to gauge how likely that is. The Senate door was shut on Saturday.
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    I think there are just fewer applicants/candidates for USMMA (competitive or otherwise). There were 3-4 nominated by each of our 2 senators and our congressman, and one candidate received a nom from all three MOC (goes to school with my DS). The other candidates applied to multiple SAs.

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