USNA Admission forum New Jersey questions


Jul 21, 2017
Hello. I'm going to be a junior in highschool this year and I'm going to the USNA admissions forum in New Jersey. If anyone else is going, I'm just wondering if you know what to expect there, what exactly is going to happen during the admissions forum, and is there a dress code, should I dress formal or informal. Thank you!
Sunday best dress is appropriate, but I've seen shorts and jeans at these. Khakis and collar if you have to.

Expect to see a few videos, hear from a field admissions counselor (a grad), and a Blue and Gold Officer with a Q&A period.
These sessions are more designed to attract and inform potential candidates and not an interview environment. While not formal, it cannot hurt to dress nicely.
Most of these have an opportunity to meet and talk to a BGO or someone from Admissions. First impressions count. Dress professionally, but no need for coat and tie.
This will be my third forum up in Lincroft. It's a basic overview of academics, application process, and life after Annapolis followed by some question and answer services by some of the nomination offices and other officer program representatives. They show a couple of videos and at the end you have the opportunity to talk to any BGO there. Make sure you make your name clear there. My BGO stressed that the more admissions hears you are doing forums and congressional days, the better.
Attend to learn about that SA and see if you are a good fit for them, not because you think you get 'bonus points' for attending. In some parts of the country there may only be a single event due to a variety of factors. I wouldn't suggest driving several hours to attend just because you think it improves your chances with admissions. There are several older threads on this topic as it comes up each year.
Much like college interviews, the main goal is to not have your clothes be distracting. Shorts and flip flops would be distracting. Suit and Tie would be distracting.
My dd went this year. She wore her dress uniform. there were no formal interviews, actually it was kind of chaotic. Tons of people around the tables, it was hard for her to push through to talk to anyone. We had a great chat with the USCGA rep and the USNA admissions. They asked her if she had applied to STEM, what she wanted to do in the Navy, how she liked Sea Cadets, and then loaded her down with swag to go home with.
Not 100% sure we will do it again before her junior/senior year since this site is just as informative.