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    Could anyone provide some insight on the Alumni Association? I really do not have any idea as to what they do or provide. Is it worth it to join?
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    It comes automatically out of your pay as a Midshipmen. When you graduate you will be a lifetime member. Take at look at their website as it explains all the benefits of being a member. I do like getting my monthly magazine and seeing what USNA and my class is up to. I have had friends use the alumni house for events. They also coordinate and assist in the service academy career conference which is a great tool when getting out. They also have a new mentor program for grads that I think is great. They also assist in reunions and things like that. I personally think the $500 (can't remember total we paid while Mids) was well worth it. The alumni association does a lot of great work. It costs much more money to join later on.
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