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    How many aviator slots were given out to the USNA graduating class of 2012? And how far down in the class ranking were the aviator slots given out?
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    Last question first. It might well be that the class "anchor" i.e. the lowest-ranked Mid might end up in aviation.

    Class of 2012

    On Nov. 30, 2012, each senior received a wrapped package. Inside, they found a certificate with their service selection, telling them what service and community they would join upon graduation. Of the 1,108 mids in the class of 2012, 272 mids — a quarter — will join the Marine Corps.

    “That’s the largest selection for Marines in the history of this school,” Miller said. “The previous largest was 270 back in 2009, and while the Marine Corps continues to consider what their ultimate force structure should look like, the Naval Academy continues to play a significant role in their officer accessions.”

    Of the Marine selectees, 73 are slated for aviation and 199 for ground.

    On the other side, 836 mids are set to be commissioned into the Navy. Because the graduating class is larger than 2011, many of the communities are set to get more ensigns than the year before. Here’s the breakdown:

    • 255 pilots.

    • 89 naval flight officers.

    • 255 surface warfare officers.

    • 28 nuclear-trained surface warfare officers.

    • 140 submariners.

    • 28 SEALs.

    • 16 explosive ordnance disposal officers.

    • 15 restricted line officers.

    • 10 medical students.

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