USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

Do candidates who aren’t offered an appointment just get a TWE in the mail, or does their online status change from CPR to something else indicating no appointment first?
Portal status change for all notifications. Then mail reflecting that decision following shortly aftrewards. For everyhing including turned down.
Ok…. We are “those people” who called admissions again. Just got told:
1. If you are still CPR they have not done final review yet (which everyone on here Already knew) but that almost everyone is scheduled over the next couple of days (And btw admissions is open on Saturday, so April 15 into 16 decision notification is not out of the question)
2. They asked for DD candidate number (I called at her request because she’s at school). They looked her up and confirmed she is scheduled for review this week and will know something by April 15.
3. They reconfimred that YES turned down, naps, foundations, waitlist and appointments are all still on the table.
4. If you are declined and want to reapply, that application for class of ‘28 opens…. April 16 🤪 and college students should go on the website and look at Plebe class requirements and align their classes as much as possible.

DD is understandably really stressing and bracing for a turned down, but is also resolved that no matter what, an answer allows us to move forward with a plan... whatever plan that is. Hang in there everyone. Collective deep breath….
Thank you.
Facts! and now I know how much the deposit for VT is since thats what DS plans to do too. We put it off because my understanding is if they go into the Corps, it doesn't matter when you pay since their housing is already pre-determined? But definitely doing it before May 1st. Thats really cool they refunded you.
My daughter got accepted in the honors college at VT majoring in physics. That was a great plan B. I wasn't going to pay VT until after 4/15 anyway.
And then...we heard the good news yesterday, she got appointed to the USNA c/o 2027.
BTW we didn't consult the magic 8 ball ever.
She waited so patiently. She had promised me I would be the 1st to know, and she kept her promise.
DD's plan B was NROTC at Va Tech. Got the scholarship in Feb and shortly thereafter admitted to VT. Accepted both as she was CPR at the time and from this forum learned to always, always get Plan B squared away as soon as possible. Well, last week she gets into NAPS. Accepted that and then she informed VT admissions and NRTOC contact, separately of her change of plans. We were willing to eat the $400 downpayment, but VT immediately refunded it. Maybe bec it was before May 1st?

Logic: pay $400 for $100K scholarship to NAPS and $750K scholarship to USNA? No brainer, eat the deposit.
Oh that’s good to hear about the refund! My DD is in the nearly exact same situation except she received a Falcon Foundation Scholarship. Good know when she declines VT we will get our refund back. Best wishes to your DD and we hope they cross paths in the future! 💙
Gosh, couldn't have said it better myself. SO SO MANY in the same boat. EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN. We ALL have exceptional children. Thank you for sharing, and good luck to all those still at CPR. To those who will try again next year, YOU TOO ARE EXCEPTIONAL and I wish you all the luck with whatever your future holds.

3 more days until April 15th.
SAF where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking and all the children are ABOVE AVERAGE!
as someone who put in her most successful re-app this year, I would say let it go and don't push him/her. It took me at least 2 months to make the decision to re-apply and put my 100% into a strong app this year. I was pretty angry after the 2nd twe, and it wasn't until may that I decided to reapply. these applications are extremely difficult and lengthy and it takes a lot to want to do another app again. I still don't know if i got in, but I didn't allow my parents to make decisions regarding my app or push me to do it, I relied on myself to keep going and improve my sat, improve my gpa from last year, and improve my cfa scores. moral of the story is that if they want to re-apply, it will take some time but once they know they want it, they'll give their everything to it.
Thanks so much for saying this. She really has been driving her whole college search. Her deciding to apply to Navy was a surprise to us. But its a good reminder that should she not get in, she will need time to figure out what she wants to do.
Today was our day after all. Sort of.

DS was put on the WL today. I don't know how I feel about that because it's better than turn down but it means more waiting. He's in bed sleeping because he's sick as a dog and I don't dare wake him up but OMG I want to!!!!
Was this the first time you checked it today?
Those with a WL I feel like that is almost a good outcome (I know, clearly not THE outcome - yet) but that or NAPS (ok, NAPS is a different level) but I think the MOST likely outcome is Turned Down and so getting on WL means, wow, your kid (or you!) are incredible and I have read that the waitlist is pretty small with a number of successful kids coming off of it. More waiting yes, but... you're not out! Not by a longshot. I feel so invested in y'all so PLEASE COME BACK and post updates still!
Lol! I don’t imagine there is much data, but any trends for CO? We know of two acceptances that are NOT listed (both recruited athletes), as well as one turn-down. DD and another applicant we know are still CPR. Thanks!!
We are in CO-06, and I do know there has been one appointment acceptance to USNA, but the 2nd slate my DS is on had no pending offers as of April 23. (I had reached out to our congressman's staffer and she graciously let me know.) And just like @NavyHopefulMom we're hanging on to the hope that most candidates are waiting for the first choice of USAFA!