USNA Class of '84 Reunion!


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Dec 2, 2008
I was just thinking (wistfully) about my husband's 25th reunion coming up this October 2009. He just signed up on the USNA website to receive info. on the reunion. Shipmate magazine has a full page ad and the schedule includes a midshipman dress parade (for homecoming). How amazing will it be when he gets to watch his son march in that parade as a member of the class of '13.
If any other members of '84 are lurking about and have kids either in or about to be in the USNA, what are you feeling?
Our son has an LOA pending a medical waiver and nomination. Here is hoping! Life is good!:biggrin:
Go Navy! Wahoo!

Army-Navy game was awesome today! 7 wins in a row! Okay, lots of people looking at my post, but nobody posting, guess I didn't ask any questions! Oh well, not to worry, if the moderators want to get rid of this thread, go ahead, it might be too off topic. I was trying to lighten the mood since we are all in an amazingly stressful waiting mode! I hope all had a wonderful Navy day today--Here's still waiting and hoping for an appt. to class of 2013 USNA! Son is keeping his cool much better than mom is. Cool thing is straight A high school sophomore daughter is now also talking Academy talk...we'll see...:biggrin: