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    I am entering the academy in the class of '19 and I'm a little confused about course validation.
    The math exams that I'm taking online, are they the only validation exams or are there more during plebe summer? Why are there online ones if there are more during ps?
    When are exams for other subjects?
    If I validate some classes, will there be more flexibility in my schedule for plebe year, or will it just be more advanced classes? Thanks
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    Congrats on your appointment for the class of '19. Be safe and bubble wrap before I-Day, in other words, be safe. It seems like a person or two a year gets hurt and is not a part of the class.

    First see validation link on USNA website -

    Second search for validation on this site and you will find a lot of information and opinions on the topic. My DS went thru this a couple of years back. He validated some courses by validation tests and by AP scores. The validation exams occur on the first few days of PS. Some of the exams can be administered by the Dept after PS. If you validate some classes, e.g., Chem 1, Calc 1, and maybe English 1, you take the next class for "validators", that is, you don't take Chem 2, you take Chem 2 for Validators. DS said they covered a little extra material in these classes. You must take a minimum numbers of hours per semester, but by validating a few classes, you can potentially have a lighter load some semesters, or you can try to get a semester ahead and apply for and possibly do VGEP. Of course, some folks have the ability to validate and don't. I think my DS is glad he did but others don't. Hope this helps.

    DS USNA '17
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    My mid validated over 21 credits(not sure of exact number). I believe they were determined by a combination of things, including AP test scores, online testing and tests taken during Plebe summer. So he opted to validate all of the classes he could and while it put him ahead, he did say it made his Plebe year that much more overwhelming. And like bandad mentioned the classes he was placed in were somewhat tougher than the typical, say Differential Equations(for eg) class. I accused him of whining but he said the instructors in his classes actually informed them of that. He survived but his gpa reflected the more challenging course load
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    HS is over, your GPA is going reflect just being at the Academy. DD validated first year Calculus, English and some History. Opened up her schedule to take language. Starting language her first year opened up summer cultural exchange and semester abroad opportunities following her 3/c year. There are some advantages.
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    I agree with the previous responders...validations are possible but the course work associated with the more advanced class is challenging.
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    If I remember correctly, for my class (16), the online math exam can validate you up to Calculus I... and then if you do well enough on it you have the opportunity to take a test during Plebe Summer to validate higher levels of Calc. For your question of why they do this... I don't know.

    Exams for other subjects are during Plebe Summer. For subjects that don't have an exam, you can go to the department head after Plebe Summer and plead your case.

    You will have more advanced classes if you validate, but your schedule will also be more flexible. I highly, 100%, recommend validating for the opportunities it opens.

    You will be in more advanced classes, but you will have a more flexible schedule not just your Plebe year, but your entire USNA career. My opinion is that you 100% should validate. It opens doors to study abroad, take less credits (which evens out the advanced classes), start grad studies, and more.
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    The first exam is used for placement also. Some folks will place below Calc 1 (very small percentage) and be placed in rock math and then take summer school to catch up. That is why it is broken out that way. We used to take the placement exams during PS. I think its better to do it prior as most of us fell asleep during it, were so stupid after a week of plebe summer we couldn't remember how to add or subtract (I say that only half jokingly, you will seriously start to question everything after a few days) and it allows more training time vice testing time during PS.

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