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Apr 5, 2007
My son called and stated that he will be doing the YP up the coast on his first block and coming home his second block. He then stated that "because of a funding shortage they may not be getting cruise assignments for the third block." He may be home for two months before returning for his youngster year. Has anyone else heard about this?

NurseyPoo, I can still remember the count down for I-Day. This has been a fast year, for my wife and I not for our son.:biggrin:
Heard the same thing from my mid regarding her third block cruise. Like a lot of things mids hear, there is probably some truth, some rumors, and a lot of you will be told when the time comes. As parents, we heard the phrase "Semper Gumby" at the start of plebe summer and it just continues to apply.

Best facts are 5 days of classes left, a week of finals, a few days of intersessionals, Sea Trails, Herndon, and we have "plebes no more". The week after will be firsty graduation and then we have ourselves 3C mids. Mine can't wait to have that stripe on her shoulder boards!
The boy also has YP up the coast for first block. Second block he's supposed to be out on a cruise. Third he's home (plus it's his birthday time).

My son did tell me about the funding shortage. He seems to be concerned that they have gotten the short end of the stick, since rules were changed, some traditions were going to be ignored, temporary food shortage, and now their summer will be in limbo. When he turns 21, I'll ask him if he wants some cheese to go with his "whine." :biggrin:
Funding shortages come in waves here. In the past couple of years USNA has canceled several blocks of summer training because of it. As a mid, there's not much you can do besides sitting back and waiting for them to tell you where to go. Best case scenario, more leave for your mid. Not much there to complain about, in my opinion.:biggrin: