USNA Portal not accessible


Sep 13, 2016
MY DS is an applicant to USNA 2021 and his application was in CPR but it has been more than a month that he could not log in to the portal. Does this mean USNA closed his account since he did not receive Noms from his MOC? But then again, he did apply for VP Nom, so his Nom requirement is satisfied as it is automatic? Hope to hear some answers from the experienced & the knowledgeable.
Did he forget his password? If he hasn't received a TWE e-mail, he still should be in the system. He probably should contact Admissions or e-mail for help. You should also know whether he got the VP Nom and not assume it's automatic because problems occur and that would be on his portal. Another reason to call Admissions because I am guessing that if he can't get into his portal, he doesn't know how to contact his Admissions Officer. Just my two cents.
Make sure the social security number and candidate number he's using are correct. Also the username and password to get in are generic I'm pretty sure...