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    What are typical summers like for midshipmen?
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    It depends on your class.

    Typical summers are split into three 'blocks' which are each about 3-4 week long. One block will be dedicated to a fleet cruise (3/C surface cruise, PROTRAMID, 1/C aviation cruise, etc..) which can be anywhere from Norfolk to Japan. Another is used for a professional training event (PTE). The third is typically leave.

    PTE's encompass most of the "cool" programs USNA offers. You can go to Philmont/Northern Tier as staff, be selected for one of hundreds of internships across the country, go on LRECs/LSAPs to foreign countries. You can be a summer seminar/STEM/NAPS/Plebe summer detailer. Other options include YPs or sailing. If you fail a class, you'll get the option to take mandatory summer school in place of a PTE. If you're a varsity athlete then you may have an NAAA Blocker which will count as a PTE.

    Some midshipmen elect to give up leave in order to take voluntary summer school (which does not fulfill the PTE requirement) or do an additional PTE. For instance, this summer I have a cruise, plebe summer squad leader, and an internship.

    There's also a Zero Block at the very beginning of the summer (after finals but before 1st block) which lasts about two weeks. This is when sea trials, herndon, ring dance, graduation, and a ton of briefs takes place. There are limited PTE and cruise opportunities on this block so most Mids will be at the academy. Some mids may take leave during zero block if they already have three full training blocks. There's a requirement that you need to write up a request if you have under 14 days of leave or over 35 days.

    Summers are a blast. They're arguably the best part of USNA. You meet new people, go to new places, and experience life in the big navy.
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