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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by USAFReady, Aug 17, 2016.

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    I may be interested in transferring to USNA. I just have a few questions, do they still take into consideration your SAT/ACT Scores if you have more than a year of college completed? Also, do they look at your high school transcript? I understand that it is the most selective of the service academies. Yet, I am interested in this information. Thanks
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    Yes they will look at it all, scores, grades, ECAs. Your college grades will be looked at heavily. They also understand that you won't have 12 ECAs and 100 volunteer hours a month as a college freshman. Mimic a Plebe year schedule, volunteer and get involved. Read the reapplicant stickies at the top of the pages. And remember there is no such thing as a true transfer. You will start over as a Freshman.
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    You cannot simply "transfer" in to USNA.

    All applicants must earn both a Nomination and an Appointment.

    All enter as Plebes regardless of previous college experience. You may earn credit for college education based upon accreditation and reciprocity amongst colleges.

    Do not apply if you "may" be interested in "transferring"; you either want to attend USNA or you do not want to attend USNA.
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    Agree with Hoops and GC.

    There are no "transfers" to a Service Academy. You are literally starting over with another four years of college amplified with the intensity of the military. Yes, many do re-apply as college students and are willing to put the extra time in. I have met a young lady who had earned a BA at a state school, and was still young enough to apply to West Point and received an appointment. She will finish with two bachelor degrees.

    This is obviously not for everyone.

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