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Oct 6, 2008
The title says it all. My son has received appointments to USNA, USMA and USCGA:smile:. Although this is all great and we are very proud of him the decision process has become a bit stressful. Initially it was just between USNA and USCGA but we received his appointment to USMA this weekend and already its has become confusing. I need some opinions from people who may have some incite into these academies. All we know is what we read. I dont know which one has the highest graduation rate, which one he would have a better shot of paying for law school. Which one he would be able to run track for. I want him to have a good experience and not one where somewhere down the line he will say " wow I should have gone to ...." Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.:smile:
Not sure about USMA or CGA but I do know that at USNA many midshipmen can obtain their Masters degrees the final semester of 1st class year and the semester following graduation at local universities (University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins etc.) They live at the academy and commute. This is possible by completing your requirements for graduation early (mids are able to do this because of credits received from AP classes or IB classes they took in high school). Great opportunity to graduate in 4 1/2 years with a Masters Degree. On a personal note, Annapolis is a great town and its right outside the gate (once you are allowed out!) Congratulations, you must be very proud, its nice to have choices!
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