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Dec 31, 2006
Son is going on CVW next week. Any suggestions as to what to expect or do? Also wondering about any parent briefings I should expect. I think I have read about some of this, but am a little confused as to whether I read it on the USNA site or on one of the others. :rolleyes: Sooooo any info or advce is appreciated. :smile:
After your initial check in at USNA, there will be a brief for you and your son by the Admissions department about the Academy and the application process. A few upperclass midshipmen might also speak about their experiences at USNA so far. After this, 4/C midshipmen will then pick up your son and then start escorting them around the yard (getting them settled in their room, taking them to classes, etc.) You will probably have a few more minutes of briefs and a Q&A session with Admissions before you are cut loose. At this point, there are tours of the Yard available and you can watch the Noon Meal Formation. After that, you're pretty much on your own until you meet up with you son late Satuday morning.

When school is over, your son may be participating in any activities his 4/C escort may already be doing. He could be playing in some intramural sports, watching movies, or just relacing in the room and talking to all the Plebes about their experiences. He may also have the opportunity of participate in Plebe Saturday Morning Training (SMT) the next morning which will give him more insight to what Plebes do. Some kind of PT gear would be recommended for him to bring, and if anything else is needed (like camis), he can borrow from the Plebes.
Be sure to feed your candidate on Thursday afternoon before the 1730-1800 check in. You'll have about two hours of briefings by various Admissions staff, military and ciivilian and , usually, a Q & A with 1/c Strippers. After that, the candidates get a box lunch and hook up with their hosts.

My son did a CVW on 22 March 2007. He was starving by 2200. At that CVW the parents were offered another briefing at 1000 on Friday followed by a complimentary tour of the yard.

Excellent opportunity for the candidate to see "Real Life". 4/c year is almost done so the really intense upper class "scrutiny" is over. The 4/c is getting ready for the Herndon climb next week.

Godd luck with the CVW
4/c year is almost done so the really intense upper class "scrutiny" is over. The 4/c is getting ready for the Herndon climb next week.

Tell me which company that would be...for my Plebes' things have picked up in the other direction.:confused: They all came back from spring break thinking exactly that and if anything have found the rules being even more enforced! And this past week of Academics has been brutal.

Also last time I checked Herndon Climb was not scheduled until May 17th, they still have to get through finals too!
whoever told you that 4/c year isn't done must be in a pretty chill company, or not know what they're talking about. Half of the companies I know of, including mine, are on back-to-basics as the upperclass are trying to get one final stab at training us...and it sucks....but that's life as a plebe.

Misread the calander. Sea Trials and Herndon are next month. The MIDN that my son was with has re-affirmed that the heat is back to "HIGH". I guess that the weekend in March that my son was there was the calm before the final storm.