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    Can I get the main differences besides the areas of service such as education , time schedules, and work load, etc.?
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    Uniforms, traditions and elevation.
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    At USNA you will commission into the Navy or Marine Corps.
    At USAFA you will commission into the Air Force.

    What you should be asking is "What are the differences between the Air Force and the Navy?" ... Where you go to school is only the first step in your military career.
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    Shawn is absolutely right. What do you see yourself doing in the military? Does the thought of being on a boat for months at a time sound horrifying? Just some initial thoughts (and alot of it is opinion based)...

    - The Air Force you are either a pilot or not a pilot. The Navy doesn't really define itself that way as there are so many career fields, subs, SWO, pilot, etc. SWO sometimes gets a bad wrap in the Navy, but in all honesty, its the Navy, boats are kind of their thing. I think USNA has the largest selection of service assignments between the Navy and Marine Corps. But if ships and the ocean sound horrible, it might not be a good fit. USAF has service selections that you won't get right out of USNA such as intel, acquisition, engineering. These are available in the Navy but generally after a transfer of your first ship duty.
    - Air Force deployments tend to be shorter than the Navy's.
    - Air Force is sort of known as the "corporate department" within the military. As an outsider to the Air Force and being a Marine, they were much more casual than the other services in the way they addressed one another and in general military things.
    - Air Force tends to have nicer bases and golf courses.
    - Navy has great locations such as San Diego, Hawaii, Seattle area and many, many others.
    - Navy is a very old service with its roots coming from the British Navy. Each area of the Navy has its own traditions, but the surface Navy has many old traditions that still hold true today. For some traditions are good things, for others not so much a factor.

    Does one SA have a major you are looking at the other doesn't? Annapolis is a great town and close to Baltimore and DC. USAFA is pretty isolated, but in the winter lots of skiing. Navy you would have to drive a few hours to get to skiing.
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    At USNA the air is hot and muggy
    At USAFA there is no air
    At USNA you live in a stone medieval French estate
    At USAFA you live in a 1950s Holiday Inn
    Both are exciting to come to and exciting to leave
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