USNSCC Benefits towards College Applications etc.

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    Good Evening all,
    I have been in the USNSCC (United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps) for almost 6 years (total) now, and have always wondered just how good are the benefits of this program?
    • what do colleges think
    • Is it recognized by colleges
    • how much of an advantage is it
    • etc.
    I know you may think "wow, this kids been in the program for 6 years and hasn't figured this out yet?" the answer is NO. I have asked many college representitives in person about this, but never get a clear answer. I am thinking about applying to Norwich University, and wanted to know how the Sea Cadets looks to them, and other colleges.
    A little background info on myself:
    -I am a CPO (Chief Petty Officer)
    -I have had much expierence leading a crew (aboard the Pride of Michigan YP673)
    -I have expierence in Deck Ops. and Engineering Ops.
    -Lots of Underwater research expirence (3 1/2 years, also worked with NOAA)
    -Recieved the Department of Naval Research Award (one of many others)
    -POLA training
    -and much, much more

    As far as grades go, i am a little bit concerned because I have a 2.885 (cumulative GPA) and I am in my junior year. I will be taking the ACT in the next couple of weeks, then down the road the ASVAB, and SAT. So, I am curious to see what some colleges think about me, and how helpful my status as a Sea Cadet is. ANY INPUT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.

    Thank you,
    J. Mantay
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    Hello Jmantay!

    I am a former Sea Cadet from West Michigan Division (2004-2006). I can speak on West Point and that it has helped me out with the admissions process there.

    As far as regular college admissions I am not sure. Are you trying to get into ROTC or a service academy? I know Senior Military Colleges like to see that kind of involvement, IE: JROTC, CAP, USNSCC.

    You made it to CPO which is a great achievement! I would definitely put all this on your applications. It shows that you have the motivation and dedication to serve.

    In the end I joined the Army (entered basic as a PFC/E-3 because of my time in the Sea Cadets) but I value everything I learned in the USNSCC and I believe it set me up for success in the military.

    Nice to see we have Sea Cadets on here, we may have crossed paths at Flagship seeing as we are both from Michigan.

    Anchors Aweigh Shipmate!

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