Validation Credit after a year?


Jul 21, 2016
Hi All.

I will be attending Marion Military Institute this Fall before going to West Point next Summer. I took almost all AP classes in high school, but I didn't take many AP tests. So this Fall at Marion, I am taking (for example), English 101. I didn't take the AP test for that in high school, even though I took AP Lang and AP Lit. During Plebe Summer next year, will I be able to validate English 101 if I took the placement test and did well on it? I absolutely don't mind taking 4 more years of english at West Point, I was just curious to see what options I would have. The same goes for Chemistry, Calculus, and History. I didn't take the AP tests, but I took them (AP) in high school and will be re-taking them this year at Marion.

Also, even if I could validate, would I want to? I hear many mixed things about validation. I wouldn't want to barely validate a calculus course and then start off really poorly in a higher-level class. However, validating might help me clear up some of my schedule in the later years when I begin focusing on my major.

Thank you for all the help.
As far as I know, yes. I think English was one of the exams that is mandatory for placement, but there are others that are offered that you can sign up for if you think you can validate. You will want to validate, however, so that you can get more room in your schedule. The placement exam will 'place' you in the right level, so no worries. I think the best thing to do now is to mirror a Plebe schedule at MMI (English, Math, Science, History) regardless of what your placement will be at West Point. I'm no expert on this subject but that's just my 0.02. Hope this helps!
Thanks purpledog! I am a sponsored prep student by USMA, so they have given me a schedule that mirrors the Plebe Schedule. Another question I have is if every Plebe can just try to validate any class that has placement tests? For example, even if I didnt take AP Psychology in high school, could I just try to validate it at USMA? So not having taken many AP tests won't really put me behind, since I have to take placement tests that will put me in the right class anyway?

Thanks again!
Then that's perfect. There's some classes like Psych that sadly even if you get a 5 on the AP test you can't fully validate it and you still have to take the advanced course. The exams are about 2-3 hours for each subject and Beast itself is mentally exhausting enough, so I wouldn't sign up for the exam unless you're pretty confident that you'll do well but by all means go for it. I think that MMI will give you a great education in all those core areas and that will probably give you a leg up for the actual classes regardless, but if you validate enough courses, you can take a language course your Plebe year and get it done early.

Glad to help!