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Sep 14, 2008
Anybody see the trailer for this movie?

I saw it last week, it looks great! I did some research and found that it is very close to historical accuracy. I am most definetly going to see this on the release date! It is nice to see excellent WWII films still coming out!
I know right!?! Shame none of my friends are history buffs like me. I'll probably be going with my uncle and grandfather, so it should be fun.
BAHAHA! I found out through personal reading, history class doesnt go that in depth here :'(
Ha. It wasn't in our curriculum. Our teacher just liked telling stories like that. The kind of things that aren't usually in textbooks, but still very interesting.
Is anyone bothered by the fact that they didn't even FAKE a German accent...:confused: I still need to see it though.
Ya that kinda bothered me, but its straight, I wanna see Defiance now :D