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    Hello all

    My DS and I were just talking about the ECP program. The program is at a military junior college. For two years, students go through the program and commission as a 2nd lt like ROTC. However, the students then go on and complete their studies at a 4 year college. While at that 4 year school, students earn their BA and help run the school ROTC program and serve in the NG.

    I have a few questions.
    1: Does anyone know about Valley Forge? I know other schools offer the ECP but my DS wants to go to the east coast for at least those two years.

    2: When a student gets their BA, are they given Active duty? DS wants to go active and I didnt know about this.

    3: Does anyone have experience with the ECP program?

    Thanks for your help. :thumb:
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    This may be a bit late, but I am currently a Freshman at Valley Forge. The ECP guys work with National Guard units while at VFMC- they participate in Drill on certain weekends, etc. After VFMC, they go on to finish their Bachelor's at a 4 year school. During those two years, they continue to work with the National Guard. After that, I believe they are put on Active Duty, with some sort of contract that obligates them to more time with the NG. I can ask some of the guys when I get back to school on Monday

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    Hello 2016 mom,

    There are 5 MJC's across the United States: Valley Forge, Wentworth, Marion, GMC, and New Mexico Military Institute. All have good ROTC programs as well as academy prep programs for the five service academies.

    Each school has unique characteristics even though it's basically the same program. Since I am a graduate of the NMMI ECP and now part of the Cadre in the NMMI ECP I can speak more specifically about our program in New Mexico if you have specific questions.

    As far as active duty is concerned all MJC ECP lieutenants will be accessed just like any other lieutenant. Accessions will use the order of merit list (all new lieutenants for that year) and assign branch and duty location assignments based on the OML ranking and the needs of the Army. Active duty is also determined from this process. Obviously the higher the GPA, APFT, evaluation scores, etc will determine OML ranking.

    Now, the MJC lieutenant has two safety mechanisms to guarantee active duty. One is called an ADSO (Active Duty Service Obligation) where years of service can be added to the initial committment to guarantee active duty selection. The other is completing their bachelors degree at an SMC (Senior Military College). The SMCs are: Norwich, VMI, Citadel, TAMU, North Georgia and Virginia Tech. Graduates from SMC's are guaranteed active duty.

    For more information on the Army ROTC Early Commissioning Program at NMMI please visit:

    If I can help answer any additional questions please let me know.

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