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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by aviatordream, Apr 14, 2012.

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    So I've been a home schooled member of a local school's varsity volleyball team for the last two years. I'm taking classes at my local CC, and my class schedule doesn't look like it will permit me to do vball next year as a senior. I'm already doing running on my own and also doing laps a bunch in the CC's pool. It's possible for me to redo my schedule to play next year, but I won't necessarily get the teachers I want and so forth.

    My question is: do you guys think playing varsity next year will help my profile significantly? I do, by the way, have a pretty good chance of making captain or co-captain next season.

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    If you knew that you were not going to get into the NA what would you do?

    Giving up your senior season of a sport you clearly love to get a certain teacher doesn't make sense to me. Five or 10 years from now the memories (you'll get better with age :biggrin: ) and friends from the team may remain but I doubt you'll remember the name of the professor. Besides your application will be complete this summer (right ?!!!) so while 1st semester grades can impact it, from who you take the classes most likely will not.

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