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May 29, 2007
We have block scheduling, so we have 4 classes a day then change classes at the end of the semester. The only way to do sports is to go to the practices they have everyday 4th block, which means if I want to do any varsity sport I have to give up 1/8th of my entire workload, which means I would either have to give up MCJROTC (which is not happening) or not be able to take honors courses. I am however on our ROTC's Raider team, which is basically where we go to Raider Meets to compete with other schools in different athletic events, kind of like a competitive boot camp weekend. Can this be listed as a Varsity sport? From the way it looks now I'm not going to be on any "official" varsity sports to get a letter so will that hurt my application alot, or a little. Sorry I kinda put alot of stuff in this but I have to make a decision within the next few weeks.
You should probably schedule an appointment with your BGO and go over your options. You may have already placed yourself in a difficult or untenable position.

It sounds as if you have already placed yourself out of the running for varsity sports and a letter. Typical class profiles show somewhere in the 90 percentile for this activity so, yes, it is important.

You state that giving up MCJROTC is not an option but, again, according to most class profiles only the low teen percentile normally participate in this activity. If you are in a leadership postion, it would make it more valuable.

Honors and AP courses, along with SATs are very important, especially taking the highest level calculus and chemistry courses your school offers. Others are weighted less heavily and the importance of a single honors course must be looked at in conjunction with your overall coursework profile.

I think your Raider meets would fall under ROTC activities instead of varsity athletics but you should have your BGO's imput on that.

This is not the venue and we don't want your overall profile. You should sit down with your BGO, go over all these things, and come up with a plan of attack.

Good luck.