venom therapy


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May 20, 2008
Hi - I am "new" to this world -- have a son who will have an academy on top of his list for applying to next year, and I was hoping to get some info before the process is started. As a 5 year old he was stung by wasps and had a systemic reaction-emergency room treatment was necessary. Since I figured this kid would be "out in the woods" more and more we went ahead with 5 years of "venom therapy" through an allergist. So from the age of 10 on, he is essentially no longer allergic, and has indeed been stung more than a few times with no reaction - benadryl is not even necessary. My question/fear is this: I assume this would all have to be disclosed to dodmerb, but would it be disqualifiable since it is resolved, or would it just be a matter or producing all records from the allergist and then get a waiver? Thanks -- I just want to be proactive and prepared before the journey!
Bottom Line Up Front: DoDMERB will DQ and a waiver would have to be granted.

Para E.1.22.10 gives the exact standard (which I quoted for her/him in my email)

Background: So, the medical disqualification would be for the “history of anaphylaxis” (your words = “systemic reaction-emergency room treatment was necessary”). You would submit all allergist medical records to me (from the date of the stinging to current AND a statement from your son as to what has occurred post therapy---summarization of any stings/reactions --what insect, if known; where on the body; etc), and the waiver authorities would take the post therapy into consideration. In view of the fact that this is your main concern….”if” you send me the records now and let me know which Academies and/or ROTC programs your son would be applying to, I could have a review conducted by them to see “if” this specific condition, as it applies to your son, would be waived by them. How’s that? Anything else? Standing by…..