Verifying Extracurriculars


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Jul 4, 2007
When you submit your guidance counselor's email address on the Activities section of the USNA application, do they ask him/her to verify what your saying?

In my school, we don't submit of activity records to a guidance counselor, and nor does our coach/advisor. So how will the verification process work?
Yes, I believe they do.

I would talk to your guidance counselor about that. I would think once your guidance counselor receives the email from USNA he/she would talk to you.

Are you sure your activities and athletics are not on your transcript?
I know each coach must have a roster and each advisor should too. Doesn't your school require students to be "academically eligible" to participate?
Guidance counselor

I spoke to my guidence counselor today and she said the school does not keep a record of my extracurriculars. They verify academic eligibility by you showing your coach a report card.

She said she trusts me and will verify what I put down.
Does your yearbook have club photos with you in them?
Oh, I highly doubt they would go look. However, if for some reason they DO ask for proof of membership in these ECA's, then that's your proof, especially if your school does not keep official track of ECA's themselves.

I honestly wouldn't sweat this either way. My school only tracked things like Varsity Letters and Honor Roll, and I was not asked to prove my membership in any clubs. I actually can't help but wonder just how much weight the ECA list carries when compared to teacher recommendations and the existance of an ECA list in the first place.
Just got word from the Academy that my Activities record was validated..

All I have to do now is send in my transcripts..are they looking at everything now, or do they look at it when it is completed?

And do they only look at your file once? What if new SAT scores are sent after they look at your app. the first time?
Keep updating your file with SAT's scores and other good things you do - they will continue to review it thoughout the admissions period. Get those transcripts sent in - you guidance dept. should be doing that for you.