Vice President Cheney/Biden?


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Aug 4, 2008
I was kinda confused on how exactly vice president noms work. I know how MOC's work, but was wondering if anyone could give any input. Like: are you placed in a national pool for the nom or are you based on the academy, or maybe your state? I think 5 can be selected per academy, right? Plus, how would the transition from Cheney to Biden work? do they just transfer all the stuff you submitted to the academies to Biden? also, does anyone know a deadline for this? cuz i got a letter from USNA acting as a receipt of the nom request a few months back, but haven't heard a single thing since. anyone's help is greatly appreciated.
While one submits their information to the Office of the VPOTUS, this information is sent to the academy.
Academy admissions picks who they wish to receive the VP Nom. There is a total of 5 allowed at the academy at any one time (USNA, USMA and USAFA).

The transition is irrelevant - all applications were to be made last fall.

From what I have seen, VP Noms are generally accompanied by an appointment and given to those who for whatever reason fail to receive a Congressional Nomination.
It is the legal authority for the academy to offer an appointment.

One I remember is a young lady who had LOA's to USNA, USAFA and USMA, she won nominations for USNA and USAFA but not to USMA. USMA wished to offer her an appointment and they did so with a VP Nom. She did turn down the USMA appointment. In that case admissions would have been able to offer another worthy candidate the VP Nomination and appointment.